Jumping Chollas3Jumping Chollas

performing Celtic, New England and Old-time selections in Arizona. with members: Sharon Goldwassers on fiddle, Tom Ryan on mandolin & banjo, and Steve Richard on guitar

Out of Kilters



The Out of Kilters

Noted for their enthusiastic renditions of classic Irish ballads, jigs, and reels, The Out of Kilters, this Irish band from Tucson, Arizona, plays Celtic and traditional American music for pubs, private parties, contradances and special events.

Pima County All-Stars

The Pima County All-Stars

Privy TippersThe Privy Tippers

Hailing from Tucson, the Privy Tippers are a rock-solid dance band steeped in the Southern string band tradition. Over the past 17 years they kept one foot in the South while they stepped into several other musical traditions, such as French Canadian, New England and music of the Southwestern Borderlands. Jacquie Wohl leads the band with her driving melodic fiddling. Dave Firestine is an exceptional lead and back-up mandolin player who adds a danceable punch to each and every note. On string bass, Jerry Ray Weinert lays the rhythmic foundation for the musical dance of the fiddle and mandolin.

                                                      The Grrrl Band:                     Jacquie Wohl on fiddle, Judy Francis on keyboard, and Elena Martin on flute.




Old-timey tunes featuring banjo/s and fiddle, as well as the Irish traditional dance music of jigs, reels and hornpipes. Traditional instruments of guitar, mandolin, Irish tenor banjo, flute, tin whistle, hammered dulcimer and bodhran. Chuck Williamson, Tom Ryan, Carina Ravely, and Cammi Vaughan. Veterans all of the illustrious open band.

open bandTucson’s own Mighty Open Band


Cluster FolkClusterfolk. The band consists of Leslie Nelson on fiddle, Bryan Flamig on fiddle and drums, Laura Davidson-Crowley on flute, pennywhistle and sax, Bill Lytle on guitar, mandolin, and percussion, Ron Nieman on hammer dulcimer, and Linda Nieman on keyboard.

Pick 'n Holler


Pick & Holler







Traditional Blend

As a duo, Bill and Patti Cumming bring to audiences and dancers quality authentic traditional Celtic, Old Time, Cajun and Mexican music, influenced by their mentors in the US, Canada, and Ireland.



Out of the Wood
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Kathy Bowman-Fiddle
Vickie Marron-Piano
Pat Marron – Mandolin, Fiddle, banjo





Dan Levenson and Friends

An American old-time musician and storyteller. He sings and plays the five-string banjo, fiddle, and guitar, specializing in the music of Appalachia. Levenson was voted one of the United States’s top ten clawhammer banjo players by Banjo Newsletter readers.






The Great Bear Trio
From Fulton, New York
Andrew VanNorstrand on fiddle and electric guitar. Noah VanNorstrand on fiddle, mandolin, feet, and didgeridoo. Kim “Mama Bear” Yerton on keyboard


buz lloyd n

                                                Buz Lloyd and Freinds

little table_n





Little Table Contra Band


Don Copler


Don Copler

Claire Zucker

Claire Zucker

Known for her clear teaching and lovely flowing dances, Claire has been calling great dances for our Tucson crowds since the early 90’s.  With contra dance band STEAM!, she tours in the U.S. and has called dances at Glen Echo in the Washington DC area, as well as several dance camps and numerous events.  A musician as well, Claire plays the bodhrán, concertina, sings and even clogs (her first instrument) with STEAM!, as well as with Púca, her local duo with Dave Firestine. Claire is on the TFTM Board, and has been one of our long-term contributors as an organizer for over 20 years.

J.P. Thom-GronachanJ.P. Thom-Gronachan

Stuart Moody outdoors



Stuart Moody



Tavi Merrill aTavi Merrill


Peg HesleyPeg Hesley

Deb ComlyDeb Comly


Judy ZeidelJudy Zeidel

Dave Black '94 sketch


Dave Black





Michael Barraclough


Michael Barraclough



seth levine


Seth Levine  




Erik Erhardt

Erik calls contra and English, instructs couples dance, and organizes dance in New Mexico, traveling widely for dancing and community building. In his engaging and entertaining manner, Erik’s teaching is encouraging, clear, and detailed giving all an opportunity to gain a sense of mastery at each person’s level while having something to gain for everyone.