Why was the March 18, 2017 dance cancelled?

 We were notified by the church late Saturday afternoon, just hours before our scheduled contradance, that they were having plumbing problems and the building was filled with sewer gas. They decided it was necessary to close the building until the problem is resolved.

We did our best to get the word out via our website, facebook, twitter, meetup, and email but at that late hour some folks weren’t going to get the message. My apologies to those that didn’t receive notice. May I suggest that you sign up for email notifications on our website TFTM.ORG or sign up for our MeetUp group Tucson Contra Dancers if you haven’t already.

It is a rare occurrence that we have to cancel. We’d like to be able to let you know and avoid the disappointment and inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

Warren Deming   TFTM president


Letter from Donna, our beloved TFTM president stepping down

April, 2016
I want to let Tucson Friends of Traditional Music members know that I am
stepping down from the leadership of this organization effective April 1,
2016. I have been with the Board as secretary or president since 2009.
I got involved at the Board level to help with leadership and growth of this
fine community. The joy of the dance that this organization brings to Tucson
on a regular basis is a reward enough, but then being part of this warm,
welcoming, fun-loving community has been one of my greatest pleasures of
living here.
I have had the pleasure of seeing the Board of our organization achieve an
outreach that has grown our dance community consistently over the last
three years. Our little non-profit is a financially stable organization that has
allowed us to participate in the community in a larger way, giving to Tucson
non-profits like the Community Food Bank and Casa de los Niños through
successful benefit dances. As everyone knows, there are challenges in the
economy and increasing costs – we will never make a lot of money hosting
community contra dances, but we do okay thanks to the hard work of our
volunteers, a vibrant dance camp – Dance in the Desert, and a leadership
group that always comes through! I want to thank the Board for their
support of me and their continued work on behalf of organization.
The Board has been aware of my transition this year and is managing a
transition of responsibilities to a sub-committee structure of the Board. We
have a strong Board of Directors who are lots of fun to work with and I
encourage each of you to consult one of them about how you might
become more involved in this vibrant organization.

Thank you, and keep dancing, it wouldn’t be the same without you!
Donna Fulton


With Dance in the Desert fast approaching on Nov.13, Liz Healy our intrepid Dance in the Desert coordinator is putting out the call for donations to the Raffle. As many of you know, each year at the Dance in the Desert, a grand raffle is held offering many wonderful services and precious objects that have been donated by all of us. What you might not know is that the proceeds from the raffle provide one of our greatest sources of revenue for our weekly dances here in Tucson. This is your chance to help out. Whether or not you’re going to DITD, bring your donations of wonderful things… art, crafts, wine, food treats, instruments, stuff you don’t need anymore and someone else would love… and services too… massages, lessons, vacations, dog sitting, lawyering, cooking,or whatever. Use your imagination and bring your offerings to the Saturday evening dances or talk to someone on the dance committee. Together we make it happen. Thanks

Tonight! Big Splash Finale Contradance with MAIVISH and Friends at the Old Pueblo Dance Center

TONIGHT MAY 1st  — 7:00 -10:00 —  613 E. Delano St.

Here ye! Here ye! Come one, come all for a grand ol’ contra dance at the square dance hall. $5 admission. This will be our big finale to the CDSS Centennial Tour. One big “OPEN BAND” anchored by MAIVISH will feature new musicians and members of our local bands including Tucson’s mighty open band. All this at the large and beautiful Old Pueblo Dance Center at 1st Ave. and Delano St.   MAP


Contra Dance Tonight at the Flycatcher Wednesday 4/29 @ 6:00-8:30

The Contradance Club Experience!
  • Free admission!
  • No-host bar
  • Food available for purchase
  • Live music by MAIVISH
  • Great dancing.  Learn to contra dance. No experience necessary.
  • Come by yourself or bring your friends.

This is a unique opportunity to experience contra dancing to a fantastic national band in a club atmosphere on 4th Ave. and 6th St. map

This dance is geared towards the students and young professionals in our community although everyone is welcome.

MAIVISH is coming to Tucson for the CDSS Centennial Tour April 25-May 1



Jaige Trudel – fiddle; Adam Broome – guitar; Matthew Olwell – dance,bodhran,flute

Jaige and Adam have been playing music together since 2001 for dances, festivals and concerts throughout North America and abroad, predominantly with the band Crowfoot. Matthew has been performing and teaching as a dancer and percussionist at festivals and theatres across North America and Europe since 1996. After a decade of crossing paths on the folk circuit, these three performers have come together in this configuration to explore and cultivate a sound that is uniquely their own.

In concert Maivish delivers a vibrant performance that includes step-dancing, songs and original compositions. Their sound is mercurial, enchanting, powerful and uplifting. Their palette encompasses fiddle, cello, guitar, cittern, blackwood flutes, percussion and vocals.

The name Maivish comes from an English colloquial term for the Song Thrush.