Letter from Donna, our beloved TFTM president stepping down

April, 2016
I want to let Tucson Friends of Traditional Music members know that I am
stepping down from the leadership of this organization effective April 1,
2016. I have been with the Board as secretary or president since 2009.
I got involved at the Board level to help with leadership and growth of this
fine community. The joy of the dance that this organization brings to Tucson
on a regular basis is a reward enough, but then being part of this warm,
welcoming, fun-loving community has been one of my greatest pleasures of
living here.
I have had the pleasure of seeing the Board of our organization achieve an
outreach that has grown our dance community consistently over the last
three years. Our little non-profit is a financially stable organization that has
allowed us to participate in the community in a larger way, giving to Tucson
non-profits like the Community Food Bank and Casa de los Niños through
successful benefit dances. As everyone knows, there are challenges in the
economy and increasing costs – we will never make a lot of money hosting
community contra dances, but we do okay thanks to the hard work of our
volunteers, a vibrant dance camp – Dance in the Desert, and a leadership
group that always comes through! I want to thank the Board for their
support of me and their continued work on behalf of organization.
The Board has been aware of my transition this year and is managing a
transition of responsibilities to a sub-committee structure of the Board. We
have a strong Board of Directors who are lots of fun to work with and I
encourage each of you to consult one of them about how you might
become more involved in this vibrant organization.

Thank you, and keep dancing, it wouldn’t be the same without you!
Donna Fulton

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