With Dance in the Desert fast approaching on Nov.13, Liz Healy our intrepid Dance in the Desert coordinator is putting out the call for donations to the Raffle. As many of you know, each year at the Dance in the Desert, a grand raffle is held offering many wonderful services and precious objects that have been donated by all of us. What you might not know is that the proceeds from the raffle provide one of our greatest sources of revenue for our weekly dances here in Tucson. This is your chance to help out. Whether or not you’re going to DITD, bring your donations of wonderful things… art, crafts, wine, food treats, instruments, stuff you don’t need anymore and someone else would love… and services too… massages, lessons, vacations, dog sitting, lawyering, cooking,or whatever. Use your imagination and bring your offerings to the Saturday evening dances or talk to someone on the dance committee. Together we make it happen. Thanks

2nd Annual All Souls Contradance



The Privy Tippers – Claire Zucker calling

Saturday Eve, October 31, 6:30 – 10:00

First United Methodist Church 915 4th Street (near Park Ave. )

donation $10, under 25yr. $5          visit Meetup or TFTM.ORG

Inspired by Dia de los Muertos and Tucson’s own All Soul’s Procession we are featuring our 2nd Annual All Souls Contradance. This will be a contradance just as any other, so if you just want to come and dance, great. However we would like to invite you to use this dance as an opportunity to celebrate the lives of your loved ones who have passed. You can participate in whatever way suits you; wear costume, pin a picture of a loved one on yourself, bring a photo or object to place on the altar.

We’ll provide an urn for your mementos, prayers, messages, and remembrances. These will be added to the Urn at the All Souls Procession where, at the Finale, the Urn is burned, and our collective hopes, prayers, love, grief, memories, tributes, and remembrances are consumed by the flames dissolving into the ether.

Many regard contradance as a joyful celebration of life. It lifts our spirits, vitalizes our bodies and nourishes our need for connection. On this evening we expand this celebration to include those who are gone but still with us.

Day of the Dead is one of the oldest of holiday celebrations dating back to Pre-Columbian times. It is a time when family and friends who have died are recognized as a vital and powerful part of life and the line between the dead and the living grows thinner. People gather in homes and in cemeteries with the souls of their beloved dead to feast and pray and appreciate the blessings of friends and family and community! We will gather on the dance floor and remember those who have gone before us.  Do it in your own way or so that everyone can see.

October 3, 2015 – Harvest Contradance Benefit for the Community Food Bank


This is our 2nd Annual BENEFIT CONTRADANCE FOR THE COMMUNITY FOOD BANK OF SOUTHERN ARIZONA . We enthusiastically support the important service they provide for our communities. We invite you to learn more about the food bank’s work and encourage you to generously contribute what you can. See more info below…

Clair Zucker

Claire Zucker

11163239_10153466712959540_2723683403992838561_nKristen Watts

OOKs19% of Arizonans live below the Federal Poverty Level. Tucson has the 6th highest poverty rate for large metropolitan areas in the U.S. 1 in 4 children in Arizona is at risk for hunger. The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona (“CFB”) is a not-for-profit organization whose vision and mission is a healthy, hunger-free community achieved through education, advocacy, and the distribution of food to the hungry in Southern Arizona. 97¢ of every $1 raised by the CFB goes directly to food and programs. For every $1 donated, it can distribute about 4 meals. The CFB assists people in 23,106 square miles of Southern Arizona through its programs.  It distributes enough food for 63,400 meals a day, and over 27 million pounds of food was distributed to hungry Southern Arizonans last year. In addition to providing emergency food assistance, the CFB provides food to charities who serve people in need; provides children’s programs which include summer meals, after-school snacks, and backpacks filled with food for the weekend;  supports 50 school gardens and 1,300 urban gardens; and manages four Farmers’ Markets.


CANCELLED: Saturday Sept.19: Contradance to Traditional Blend – J.P. Thom-Gronachan calling

To all Tucson contradancers: the Saturday, September 19 contradance with Traditional Blend has been canceled due to the failure of the air conditioning system at First United Methodist Church. The location of our upcoming events will be posted as soon as we can make arrangements. Sorry for the inconvenience. Tucson Friends of Traditional Music.
Traditional BlendJ.P. Thom-Gronachan

Introductory lesson at 6:30, music begins at 7pm.

$10 general admission, $5 for 25yrs and under, $5 gets you a membership button (show your button and get $1 off general admission ) Cash or check  at the door.  You do not have to pay for parking in the church parking lot; ignore the signs about paying.

For more information visit

CONTRADANCE: Sat. Sept.5 – The Privy Tippers with Claire Zucker and Kristen Watts calling

Yay! The Tippers are back for a great night of dance. Last Saturday was an incredible kick-off for the season. It was great to see so many old and new friends (all 100 of you) for such a fun night. Let’s keep the momentum. Invite your friends. It’s good to share!

Also we are very happy to welcome Kristen Watts who will be calling 1/2 the night.

Kristen WattsClaire Zucker

Dance Hall is located at: First United Methodist Church, 915 East 4th Street, Tucson, AZ

Lesson at 6:30 PM
Dance starts at 7:00 PM
Suggested DONATION
$10 general admission
$5 for 25yrs & under
$5 gets you a membership button
(show your button and get $1 off general admission )