About TFTM

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Tucson Friends of Traditional Music (a nonprofit 501c(3) organization) is dedicated to keeping the traditions of community music and dance alive and growing in Tucson. We present and promote concerts, dances, workshops and informal music jams. Your membership supports TFTM’s work, entitles you to discounts at selected events and a community of friends who work together in this common effort. TFTM is a group member of the Country Dance and Song Society.

A monetary donation to TFTM, beyond membership fee, is tax deductible.

Booking Principles

Tucson Friends of Traditional Music (T.F.T.M.) is dedicated to keeping the traditions of community music and dance alive and growing in Tucson.  In keeping with this mission, we would like to share the principles which guide our efforts to book bands and callers for our local dances. We will do our best to provide live music and calling for all scheduled dances.  In arranging our schedule, we will seek to:

  1.     Ensure we have vibrant local live music and calling by booking committed local talent, including Tucson’s Mighty Open Band, on a regular basis.

2.    Increase the diversity of the talent we offer by regularly engaging regional talent.

  1.     Invigorate our dancing experiences by enlisting outstanding performers with national and international reputations for excellence at least once per calendar year at our regular dances, as well as through the TFTM contra dance weekend, Dance in the Desert
  1.      Provide financial compensation to talent that is agreeable to all parties, within our financial limits, thereby maintaining fiscal responsibility and ensuring the long-term economic viability of T.F.T.M..  

Booking for dances is a complex, time-consuming process involving many people. We hope you always believe that we at T.F.T.M . always do our best to discharge our booking duties with integrity, and in an effort to realize our positive vision of a dance community.

2017 Officers & Board of Directors

Warren Deming  (presidentattftmdotorg)   – President, Webmaster
Claire Zucker – Dance Growth Committee Chair
Dick Stater  (treasurerattftmdotorg)   – Treasurer, Secretary
Liz Healy – Dance in the Desert Chairperson, Volunteer Coordinator
Stephen Richard  (secretaryattftmdotorg)   – Director
Lynn Maners – Director
Russ Healy – Director, Bookings & coordinator of Open Band
Maureen Hraybar – Director
Dylan Nanney – Sound Engineer